Sunday, October 25, 2009

Msg me!

I've noticed that people communicate a lot differently now than they used to.
If people want to talk to me, or let me know about something, they no longer really tell me in person, or ring the house phone.

I generally get contacted by people via them ringing my iPhone, texting me, emailing me, Facebooking me or sending me IMs via MSN Messenger. Because I spend a lot of time online, it's the easiest way for me to be contacted.
Recently with uni, I have also been contacted via OASIS for official communications, but it seems that most of my communication methods are mobile or online.

Sort of says something about the way we're headed with technology, hey.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

So, I got to thinking about the news the other day.

Where do I get my news from and why?
I don't watch TV, I only record the shows I like, then watch them all in one swift blow, so I don't watch TV news unless its on during dinner, but then, I still don't like it. I guess it's something to do with the kind of stuff they show on TV news, all this imbalance of current affairs with actual important news, whether local or international. Plus those feel-good stories get really annoying.

I prefer to get my information online. Not from news websites, however, but direct from source. As the only real news that interests me is related to gaming, technology and media, I tend to hang around sites like Friendcodes for all my Nintendo Information, as it is a nintendo funded site where the news comes straight from source, or even IGN for my gaming news.

Any other information I tend to get sent to me from friends, or I hear over the radio (AM radio only, I don't like FM radio)

That's basically where I get my information from. Aren't I boring

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's showtime!

I won't bore you with my essay...after much deliberation and creativity, here's my remediated text. Let me know what you think.

From Kingdom to Comedy
Kingdom Hearts II from the eyes of in-game characters

ENTRY ONE – Beginning of the Game
“Far out guys, I’m tripping out here. One minute I’m hanging out with Hanyer, Pence and Olette, and the next, I’m on some weird glass platform with all these stairs. I have no idea how I got there, all I knew was that I needed to get out. As I ran up the stairs, I came across these little black things that look like overgrown ants. How original. Must...squash...ants, and what better to do it with but a giant key that magically appears in my hand? When I made it to the top, I looked down and saw myself in the stained-glass floor. What the heck?”

“I guess I’m going crazy, or have some form of schizophrenia. I keep seeing these guys in black coats. They’re everywhere! I can’t get away, I mean, I couldn’t even get to the beach because they got in the way! No one else sees them and Hayner thinks I’m crazy. Not good. We even went to the abandoned mansion and I saw this really cute blonde girl in the window, but no one else did. I think I need help. My memories are slowly leaving. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Maybe I’m not who I thought I was...or maybe it’s just a brain freeze from too much sea-salt ice cream.”

“Man, what a nap. It feels like I’ve been a sleep for a year, and I have the biggest wedgie right now! Oh man, my clothes are too small. Maybe I have been asleep for a year, but how can that be? Wait, it couldn’t be that cute blonde girl, could it? I swear she didn’t slip anything in my food, or maybe she did. Wait, I don’t eat. I travel all around the worlds and not once do I eat anything. Man, I must be like a human camel!”

“That darn Sora, I wish he would come back. He promised! Now I stand here every night trying to remember his name and watching the ocean. Mum keeps telling me off for coming home late and I have to eat dinner cold!”

Well, Donald and Goofy are still here, so this definitely isn’t a dream. I finally got some new clothes, so I was able to get rid of that damn wedgie, but now I’m stuck travelling around in that small 2-man spaceship made out of gummi blocks with three people in it. Give me a wedgie any day! At least I can run around on different worlds now. That reminds me…where did all my keyblade charms go? I had the ultimate weapon before I went to sleep and now I have nothing but the lousy kingdom key, which takes for-EVER to beat anything! I wanna know who stole them, so I can go kick their butt!”

“Geez, all this time in the darkness is making me look like an albino. I’m all pale and my hair is all silver. Wait, it was that colour before…phew. I do however have a new party trick. I can turn into a tall, angry man wearing too much fake tan. It’s pretty neat. I found Kairi the other day while walking through a dark doorway. What’s she doing hanging around in that part of town anyways?”

“Man, I miss Roxas. There’s nothing like spending time with that crazy mop of blonde hair. I just wanna hear his voice one more time, is that so bad? I’ve looked everywhere for him, but I can’t find him anywhere. It just fires me up! I should stop setting stuff on fire, I’ve gone through about 12 of these damn Organisation cloaks and they’re starting to charge me for them!”

(sings)“One thousand heartless all over the ground…one thousand monsters down there! Take one down, spin it around, eight hundred heartless all over the ground!” (Stops singing.) “Oh how that song makes the Battle of a Thousand Heartless so much more fun!”

“Damn, I look sexy! I mean c’mon. What’s not to love about my hairless face, orange skin and long silver hair? Plus I’m the bad guy in this story, and chicks dig bad guys. They do, don’t they? What if they don’t? Maybe I picked the wrong side…I wonder if Ansem will let me go back on the good side. If not, I dug myself a hole that I can’t get out of, so I might as well go out with a running down the side of a building at such as speed that I run crashing into the ground!”

“Well, that was really disappointing. You didn’t really need to know anything that happened between last time I was here to now. IT goes along the lines of that the evil guy is Xemnas, Xehanort’s nobody. Who is he? Nobody, exactly! The organisation just wanted to stop me and when I confronted Xemnas, pretty much killed himself! I didn’t even have to use my super-sexy new Final Form that I spent about 60 hours trying to obtain by changing into random Drive Forms continuously! You know how many times I had to become Anti Sora??!! Anti Sora is the stupidest form I have ever seen. all it can do is run around swiping its overly pointy fingers at things! It’s so useless. I guess that’s what I get for becoming a heartless in the first game though.
Anyways, I guess that’s over. I thought now I could just go home and hang out with Kairi and Riku, but no, the King or someone sent us a message in a bottle. Now we’re off to start a new adventure…again. I better not get another wedgie this time!

Stop! Filler Time!

So, now for what anime fans call a filler, a pointless, seemingly random episode used to fill in time, while the writers work on developing the actual series plot.

Anywho, in preparation for my up-coming lectures, I have caved to pressure and got myself a twitter account. Feel free to follow me @athusgorek although I cannot commit to regular tweets currently, but you never know.


(Filler courtesy of the baseball filler episode of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, one of my favourite filler episodes ever.)

Formalities, formalities...

I thought that I'd share with you the plan for my up-coming essay, just to ease your eagerness to see the finished product, allowing me more time to finish :P

Text- Kingdom Hearts 2 (Video Game)
Remediation Form – Diary Entries

Reception of Remediation
- For Fans of the Game, or those who are wanting to understand the storyline better
- A parody of the storyline told from the characters own personal perspective, so hardcore fans may not appreciate it
- May spoil story for new fans

- Requires simple reproduction of story via parody
- Convert story into this simple diary format, with sections for each major character
- Easily created, simple process

- Internet distribution base
- Forums, Slash sites, parody sites, video game sites
- Spread via transfer, download and word-of-mouth
- Easily circulated all around the world in a matter of minutes

Transformation Underway

My remediation has begun, I have started to transform my video game into a text form. It's great fun, actually. I have had to be creative, clever and witty to get it started, or it would have started off as the most boring read that anyone had ever seen. I had issues with getting ideas though, but as it turns out, my little brother is as weath of puns, jokes and clever remarks that he can make up on the spot, so he was able to give me some of my starting ideas. I must credit him with the version of ninety-nine bottles, as it had me rolling on the floor when he and I started work on it. It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off of, as he was able to tell me what worked, where I was going wrong, and what else I could add.

I was glad, though, that I didn't have to worry about technological contraints, as I picked a nice, clean, simple format to use that got rid of all the hassle of technology. That's not to say that I was without issues... writer's block is a killer sometimes... like now, where I'm struggling to come up with the finishing touches to my assignment.
I have to start on the written portion of it soon, too!


(Kudos to Krazy Chibi for the awesome picture!)

Remediations are everywhere

So, I sat down to watch a movie the other day, and as I sat down and went to pull the DVD out of its case, it hit me. The movie was another example of a remediated text.
Here is a clip from it, in case you don't believe me.

Being based on a video game, even though it is set a year after the game itself, it is still a remediation. This made me realise that there are so many remediated texts around, and we don't even realise. Video games based off movies, or vice-versa, action figures/plushies of my favourite anime characters are all remediations!